Windows Update Troubleshooter – How ti Fix Windows Update Not Working

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In the wake of recent Windows updates, tons of users have reported problems with Windows Update. This reminded me that there is a built-in troubleshooter in Windows 10. Other recent versions of Windows — 7, 8, and 8.1, which is — demanded a Fix-It download from Microsoft instead. By comparison, Windows 10 users and admins have it easier: they need only type “trouble” into Cortana, then pick the “Troubleshooting” Control Panel widget. From there, they can select “windows update not working” under the System and Security setting. This launches the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Resolve Windows Update not working with Windows Update Troubleshooter

Do you want to know what Windows update troubleshooter does? Basically it performs three sets of activities:

Activity 1: It shuts down Windows Update Services and the affiliated Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS)

Activity 2: It renames the download target folder for upgrades from %windir percent\SoftwareDistribution into …\SoftwareDistribution.old, and creates a new, empty \SoftwareDistribution folder. This clears the download cache to allow WU start over fresh.

Activity 3: It turns WU and BITS services back on.

Note also the “Advanced” button in the preceding screenshot. It is very important to click it so that you can run the troubleshooter with elevated privileges. In other words, you must click the “Run as administrator” link, after checking the box next to “Apply repairs mechanically.”

If you run the windows update troubleshooter, and WU still is not functioning, you can perform the exact steps the troubleshooter automates from a Safe Boot into Windows. This is admirably described in an article at in a step-by-step manner, so I will not repeat that information. Find it in “How to Repair Windows Update When It Gets Stuck,” article.

Install System Update Readiness Tool

System Update Readiness Tool is available for Windows Vista and 7 only. It can resolve issues with broken upgrade packages, windows update troubleshooter and damaged system files and one of the best windows update repair tool available in the market.

This method often fixes 0x80073712 and 0x800B0100 errors, a document required by Windows Update not working, missing or damaged. Windows Update error 80246002 (Windows couldn’t hunt for upgrades) from Windows 7 is another instance where other programs fail and System Update Readiness Tool functions flawlessly. The problem often starts after an automatic update of Windows Update Agent to version 7.6.7600.320 in August 2014. Windows Update, View updated background. If ‘Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320’ is set up and you experience error 80246002 while trying to find updates, it’s time to set up System Update Readiness Tool.

Go to Microsoft’s What’s the System Update Readiness Tool? Page and download the package that applies to your computer. Please see the Windows post for directions on the best way best to learn which version and structure your device has. System Update Readiness Tool page in Microsoft. Click ‘Download’ to your version and hardware architecture of Windows your device has.

Click Download again in Microsoft Download Center page. Please be aware that the document is over 200 megabytes in size for 32-bit Windows and over 500 megabytes for 64-bit Windows. After launch, the downloaded package, click Yes to install it. Windows Update Standalone Installer for System Update Readiness Tool. Click ‘Yes’ to install it. (System Update Readiness Tool setup takes easily 10 minutes or longer to complete, even over an hour on tablets is possible. It doesn’t generally require a reboot). Click Close after the setup is complete. If you follow the above methods then Windows update not working issue will resolve automatically. If you have any queries do let us know!